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Seiko Watches: General Information

Where can I get information about my watch?

Please contact your nearest Authorized Seiko Customer Service Center.

Customer Service Center

Instructions are available from Seiko Watch Global Site.


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For valuation of your watch as a collector’s item, please contact an organization that specializes in horological antiques or provides similar services. Please be advised that Seiko does not provide this service.

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What is "ASTRON"?

"ASTRON" is the world’s first analog GPS solar watch, capable of accurately displaying the time at the present location anywhere in the world. GPS signals from the global network of GPS satellites adjust ASTRON to the local time zone at the touch of a button.


FAQs on ASTRON for Cal. 7X52
FAQs on ASTRON for Cal. 8X82
      FAQs on ASTRON for Cal. 8X53 (under construction)

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What is "Grand Seiko"?

"Grand Seiko" is a luxury brand that offers timepieces made by master craftsmen in Seiko’s two exclusive watchmaking studios, using exclusive movements and the highest grade materials. Each Grand Seiko watch is instantly recognizable because of its simplicity of form and its understated elegance. From the very first Grand Seiko watch in 1960 to the latest collection of today, every Grand Seiko has shared the functional beauty and design purity that has always been its hallmark. Grand Seiko is, simply put, the very best of Seiko.

Grand Seiko

FAQs on Grand Seiko

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What is "Spring Drive"?

"Spring Drive" is our unique automatic watch with one-second-a-day accuracy. It is the only watch movement in the world that is powered by a main spring and has a regulator without an escapement; it is a watch that combines the beauty of the mechanical watch with the precision of electronic timekeeping.

Spring Drive

Our clean energy watches

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What is "Kinetic"?

“Kinetic” is one of our unique watches, which contains an internal electrical generator operated by the kinetic movement of the user’s wrist. The generated electricity is stored in a rechargeable battery that requires replacement less frequently than the conventional cell battery in a quartz watch.


Our clean energy watches

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What are the levels of water resistance in Seiko watches?

Click below to see the table showing the various grades of water resistance provided by Seiko watches, and for the protection they provide in normal use.

Water Resistance

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What is “LumiBrite” used in Seiko watches?

LumiBrite is a new luminous material which is brighter and longer-lasting than conventional luminous paints. It is completely free of radioactive materials, ensuring safety for both people and the environment.

Lumi Brite

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What is the accuracy of mechanical watches?

A mechanical watch, which is run by a spring is easily influenced by the environment or the conditions in which it is used. This affects the acuracy of mechanical watches.

The accuracy of the mechanical watch varies slightly each day as it is influenced by various conditions of use, and is therefore unstable. It varies depending on several factors such as the amount the spring is wound, movements of your arm, temperature, and the position of the watch.

Accuracy of the mechanical watch

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